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Our Programmes

Building Awesome Whānau

Term 1: 22/02/2024 to 04/04/2024

Venue: 122 Elstree Avenue, Point England

A 7-week parenting course held every Thursday, led by local parents. The flavour and intention of our programmes is to honour parents in their role and equip them with skills and practical ideas to inspire them with hope.

Term 3 BAW graduation photo.jpeg

Just 4 Dads

Term 3: Thu 6-9pm

Venue: 122 Elstree Avenue, Point England

Just 4 Dads is a weekly meeting space where you can share, listen and be listened to in the company of others facing similar issues. The group also organizes social events throughout the year.


Mana Rangatahi / Ez2

Term 3: TBC

Venue: TBC

Youth programmes to engage and support young people in school or seeking employment.



Term 1: Wed 10-12pm

Venue: 122 Elstree Ave, Pt England

We provide a supportive environment to help people identify, accept and acknowledge the current perception of themselves and change it to help serve us better on purpose. We cover topics such as mindfulness, regulating emotions, healing inner self and useful tools to assist in regulating through adversities.

Term 3 Mindfulness graduation photo.jpeg

Monday Boost

Term 3: Mon 10-12pm

Venue: 122 Elstree Ave, Pt England

A weekly breathing space for wahine. We believe in sharing stories and empowering women so they can continue to grow for the good of their whanau and themselves.

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