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About Glen Innes Family Centre

Our Organisation

Glen Innes Family Centre (GIFC) is a community-based organisation that provides a range of services and programmes to support individuals and families in the Glen Innes and surrounding areas. GIFC has been operating since 1979 and has been generously supported by various government and non-government agencies.

Moemoea | Vision

Nurturing the whole person and family.

Kaupapa | Mission

Hei oranga ngakau, hei pikanga wairoa.

Positive feelings in your heart will enhance your sense of self worth.

Nga Tikanga | Values

  • Aroha | Integrity and compassion

  • Manaakitanga | Raising the mana of others

  • Rangatiratanga | Self empowerment, knowledge and leadership

  • Kotahitanga | Unity

  • Whanaungatanga | Cultural diversity, respect, trust and honesty

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